Hi! I’m Kyle, the guy with the camera.


Creativity is the one that has always been an identifying marker of myself. As a child I was always into creating and making things for people, most of the time for my parents. It would make me so happy to see that these things that I’d made myself would bring happiness. Since childhood being a creative is something that has resonated with me and is something I love to bring out in my work. Photography is something that I’ve always connected to. As a child playing with the old film camera that my parents own, to the day that they final bought their first digital camera, which I would hijack and fill up the 512MB memory card in no time. Photography has been a passion that I’ve been developing years. Which brings me here to this point today.







These are the areas of Photography that I am gained experienced in and love to do, but as anyone with a passion, I am always interested in expanding my abilities and learning more. So if you have an opportunity for me or are looking for someone to shoot you or someone(with a camera!), don’t be shy to say Hi!